DPC extends Vivendi Consulting pre-qualification categories

We are delighted to announce that the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) has expanded the number of categories within which Vivendi Consulting is recognised as pre-qualified to provide services to the NSW Government under their Performance and Management Services Scheme.

The categories for which Vivendi Consulting hold pre-qualification are now:

342 – Infrastructure and Major Projects

A. Strategy and Planning

B. Risk

C. Project Management

344 – Organisational Capacity

A. Governance and Reporting

B. Corporate and Business Strategy

C. Business Process Improvement

345 – General Technical Expertise

D. Project Governance and Management

Collectively, we are excited to have been included in these additional categories as this will allow us to work more collaboratively and more efficiently with more of our NSW Government clients. We look forward to continuing to provide industry-leading, high quality, value for money services across the NSW Government sector.