At Vivendi Consulting we work with our clients to deliver sustainable change through structured project, program and portfolio management (P3M).

We provide ‘Big Firm’ consulting experience and quality with the focus, interpersonal rapport and value for money of a boutique firm.

What makes us different?

Our People

Without exception, all of our consultants are:

  • High performing, former global or ‘Big Firm’ management consultants.
  • Have significant hands-on experience of delivering complex initiatives.
  • Hold relevant Program, Project and Portfolio Management (P3M) qualifications from a range of organisations.

In addition, a number of our team are accredited NSW Treasury Gateway Reviewers.

We believe that ‘who we are’ is as important as ‘what we do’. We seek and value:

  • Balanced, talented people who take their work seriously but not themselves
  • People who enjoy working seamlessly with client teams, knowing when to lead and when to follow, who constantly challenge themselves and those around them to improve
  • People who are interesting, dynamic and fun to be around.

We realise these requirements are arduous but, humbly, we make no apologies for this. Our business model is not one focused on growth but on quality of delivery. Very simply, we believe that by carefully recruiting the right people with the right experience can we achieve our aim of being Australia’s premier project, program and portfolio delivery firm.

The Way we Work

At Vivendi Consulting we believe the only means of delivering sustainable change is by working collaboratively with you as part of an integrated team.

We ask that you hold us accountable not just for the final outcome, but for the way in which it is achieved; the knowledge and skills shared with your team; the energised change environment created; the relationships built and the lessons collectively learned.

We place enormous importance on structured and direct client feedback. We have developed a meticulous performance management system driven solely by our clients’ clearly-defined expectations.

This client satisfaction score is our primary KPI. Very simply, we believe that continued client satisfaction is the outcome that should drive everything a consulting firm is and does.

Value for Money

Although we have a ‘Big Firm’ heritage, our fees are significantly less than ‘Big Firm’ rates, whilst we only deploy experienced, specialist consultanting teams.

Our clients typically derive greatest value for money from using a small (typically 2-4 strong) team of Vivendi Consultants, working in collaboration with client teams championed by a single, empowered client owner. This approach dramatically improves delivery quality and, importantly, allows us to transfer skills to (and learn from) client teams, building P3M capability for our clients – and ultimately providing better value for money.

We are diametrically opposed to the ‘Big Firm’ business model of ‘land and expand’, where an initial engagement is developed to bring in as many (largely junior) consultants as possible. We actively seek to ‘understay our welcome,’ by delivering to a clearly-defined scope as part of an integrated team, who are well placed to take over when the engagement is complete. We have a track record of ‘doing ourselves out of a job’, and being pro-active in recommending to clients that our services are no longer required. Ultimately this means delivering sustainable change and capability to our clients at low cost.

Finally, we are small but passionate to succeed through providing exceptional client service. We have a genuine sense of shared ownership of the firm, and hold a number of regular Vivendi Escapes that allow our consultants to participate in the firm and its journey. Collectively, we believe this makes our consultants highly motivated and highly productive – ultimately delivering value for money for our clients.