Life At Vivendi

We all are from a ‘Big Firm’ heritage but we actively seek to avoid the common pitfalls of a big firm’s approach.  At Vivendi you won’t feel like a small fish in a big pond. We value every member of our team, encourage everyone to engage in the planning and running the business – not just in client delivery.

We offer a genuine alternative to the grind towards partner in the conventional ‘Big Firm’ consultancies. At Vivendi, all of our consultants have the opportunity to shape how we grow as a firm, through quarterly all-firm sessions and an intensive annual business planning Escape.

Vivendi Wednesday

One Wednesday evening in every month the full Vivendi team spends an evening together to hear about what’s happening, what work we’re doing and to spend time together. Each member of the team takes it in turn to organise an unusual and ‘hands-on’ event, such as making pottery, drumming, circus skills and cocktail making.

Quarterly Escapes

Each quarter the whole team spends a day off-site to review our position and understand what we could do better, communicate and discuss key developments, share our client experiences and P3M lessons learned, and enjoy each others’ company. We hold regular planning sessions were we openly discuss how we’re doing and where we as a team would like to go. The output of these sessions influences everything from our business plan, to the services we deliver, to the clients we work for and to the way in which we manage our business internally.

Annual Escapes

Once every year the team retreats for four to five days to refocus on what our purpose is, where we’re going and how we’re seeking to get there. As a team, we collectively review and build our business plan and re-engage with the talented members of our team. All Vivendi consultants are required to participate fully in the planning and operation of the business and take pride in making Vivendi a success.

Charity Events

Each year we take part in organized charity events to raise money for local, national and international charities. We encourage all of our consultants to get involved in a range of capacities.